Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fabric: Tutorials Galore!

I was on Sew, Mama, Sew! today (very useful for tutorials, even if you, like me, are NOT a "Mama"), and found some excellent tutorials, both on their site and others, that I thought could be very useful for both real life and theatre :D So I decided to compile a list of props-related things that can be accomplished by using fabric!

Best part? Once again, you can co-operate with the costuming department! I personally think everyone should know how to sew, but it's always nice to be working with people who know a bit more than you ;) Not just about sewing, but about fabrics, good deals, etc...

So, here are some that I wanted to share!

Reupholstery / Recovering / General Makeovers

I want this chair. Chances are, you do too - especially if you've got some rather ugly furniture sitting around in storage. Thankfully, jcaroline creative has put together a how-to detailing the entire process - and she even sells the fabric in her store!

This chair has a rather similar fabric - and no wonder, it's by the same designer! While the previous tutorial was by the seller of the fabrics, this one is done by the graphic designer who created a ton of cool fabrics for the jcaroline store - Jessica at How About Orange. It's a fairly simple process, and doesn't use too much fabric OR paint - if you're in theatre, you can probably get the supplies from your scenic and costume shops without a problem! Check out the details here!

Desk Chair

If you're looking to recover a desk chair (or make a matching set), look no further! While this tutorial is rather sparse in text, it's got quite a few images - and if you've done any upholstery at all before, this should be a cinch!

Sometimes stock lampshades are ugly - and sometimes they're just plain boring. Never fear, though, Tresa Edmunds at Reese Dixon has got your back - with her tutorial on how to recover a lampshade, you've no need to worry again!


Sew, Mama, Sew! wrote an amazing three-part tutorial on making a slipcover for furniture a while back - it's absolutely loaded with images, and covers all the little details, which is perfect! From drafting, to draping, to sewing! Incredibly useful for all those times when you need something to look different but can't re-upholster (aka borrowed or nice furniture). Check it out here: Part One Part Two Part Three.

The Little Details

When it comes to props and set dressing, it's all about the little details - you might not notice things are there, but people will certainly notice that something is off if they aren't! These tutorials are helpful for when you're looking for that extra bit that brings things all together.

Ribbon-edged Towels

jcaroline creative has a wonderful, simple tutorial on how to embellish plain towels with pretty ribbons. It's a great way to dress up old towels, or to match them to the decor - especially if the characters in the play are those who'd have nicer items! You can also use similar ribbons to match up slightly different towels into a nice set (such as putting a white ribbon on blue towels, and a matching blue one on white towels). Check it out!

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Saran Wrap Tubes

Kathy over at Merriment Design has a fantastic tutorial on how to use fabric scraps and old tubes (either from saran wrap or similar items) to make lovely matching napkin rings! If you've got any sort of table setting, this is an awesome (and super-cheap!) way to embellish it a little bit.

That's all for today - but hardly all the great tutorials I've found! I'll definitely be featuring more in the future; for now, I hope you've found something of use!


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